Our Story

Driven by our passion for food, our story started in a kitchen. To be exact, a kitchen inside BCIT’s Food Technology lab. During our final semester, we joined a product development competition organized by Pulse Canada called Mission Impulseible and created a chickpea-lentil tempeh nugget that we named “Tempea”. We had the privilege of winning the regional competition, after which we took our product to compete in the nationals. With the great feedback we received from industry professionals and our mentors, we decided to make our fictional company a reality. ⠀

Although we’re not from a long line of tempeh makers, we are here today because we want people to have access to good food – food that doesn’t lack flavour or nutrition, food that supports the local community, and food that has a minimal impact on the environment. We thought it was too good to be true, but the answer was right before us. We want to encourage everyone to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle by giving you a healthy alternative to meat, or to diversify your current plant-based diet.



Our Company


Our biggest dream is for tempeh to achieve the same familiarity and presence tofu has in North America. By 2021, Tempea Natural Foods will help catalyze the green movement and become the leading supplier of tempeh and tempeh products in British Columbia. This will be achieved by becoming tempeh advocates and providing all-natural, fresh, and locally-produced tempeh.

Production Facility

We operate in a dedicated gluten-free commercial kitchen in North Vancouver, BC approved by Vancouver Coastal Health. Our production team holds FoodSafe certifications and is also HACCP-trained. We are committed to producing top quality tempeh products that is enjoyable and safe to eat.


We are currently producing fresh soy tempeh using certified organic, non-GMO soybeans sourced from Canada and the US. We are also exploring using other ingredients such as grains, pulses, and other legumes. 

Meet the Founders

We founded Tempea because of our passion for good food.

Now that Vancouver is becoming a bustling city for amazing plant-based cuisine, we want to share the delight of having that first bite of well-made tempeh.


Ariela has a background in business, chemistry, and food science.

During the completion of her BSc, she worked with an ISO-certified, medium-scale exporter and manufacturer of banana chips that has been in operation for 20 years in the Philippines. In 2013, she graduated from Ateneo de Manila University as a Bachelor of Science in Management of Applied Chemistry, a unique program designed to train entrepreneurs who are capable of developing their own products. In her final year of university, she founded a start-up company where she served as the VP for Marketing. She moved on to take up Food Technology at the British Columbia Institute of Technology because it was the perfect melting pot for her passion for food, knowledge in chemistry, and background in business. She briefly worked on a project with Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Co. for the completion of her Diploma in Food Technology. After completing the program, she has also worked with artisan and commercial bakeries in Vancouver as a Food Safety Technician.

She likes to spend her free time cuddling with her feline nephew and Instagramming her test recipes (and creeping chefs and food bloggers).


Andrew has a background in business, culinary arts, and food science.

Upon completion of the Culinary Arts program from The Art Institute of Vancouver,  Andrew completed an internship with the Glowbal Restaurant Group working at Coast restaurant as a Kitchen Helper. He has then worked in various restaurants holding various positions, ranging from dishwasher, kitchen helper, line chef, to baker and pastry chef. After obtaining work experience in Vancouver, he flew back to his hometown in Indonesia and found a job working as an Operations Manager and Director of R&D for a production kitchen at a high-end retail store. His job gave him experience in product development as well as management experience involving the company’s baked goods and cold and hot foods lines. Currently, he continues to do yearly consultation for the company regarding the addition of new product lines. In 2013, Andrew returned to Vancouver to study Food Technology at BCIT, where he and Ariela were both classmates. As a student, he was able to work with BCIT’s Natural Health and Food Products Research Group (NRG) as a Research Assistant over the summer of 2014. Andrew completed the program with a research project for EnWave Corporation.

He also has a love affair with TV shows: particularly all 10 seasons of Friends and has memorized all lines by heart.


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The Team

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